Being Fit May Risk Your Fertility— How Exercise and Diet AffectFertility Level?

Surprisingly, being fit may impede your fertility level if you know nothing is good when you have excess of it.

Obviously, regular exercise with properformation is good for healthy pregnancy. But, you don’t know when your healthy habits turn into unhealthy one. Your fitness regime should be reframed to enhance the level of utility.

Apart from physical activity, diet is necessity and trends at the same time. People are more health conscious nowadays. But, are you sure you follow right diet? Improper diet may give you visible outcome but it will surely reduce the chances of conceiving.

Is Too Much Exercise Harmful?

When it comes to evaluating your fitness regimens, the word ‘Too Much’ varies from person to person. What is hardcore or vigorous for you, it may barely bring sweat beads on someone else’s forehead. So, you are the one who can address what is ‘Too much’ for you.

Let me help you!

‘No Pain, No Gain’ mindset is good, but does your physical activitycause lack of sleep or severe body ache? If you overdo exercise, your ovulation may not be encouraged by your pituitary gland. In case, you are burning more calories in comparison to your calorie consumption, it may severely impact your fertility.

So, if you are planning to conceive, it is highly advisable that you should stick to moderate activity instead of higher intensity workouts.

Tips for moderate exercises—

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Walking


Say NO to Bad Diet

Who doesn’t want to get in shape and look fit? Does getting in shape really mean you are fit? ‘NO’!

Avoid crash dieting if you don’t want to risk yourfertility.Diet is not the sole reason of infertility but it is definitely one of them.

  • AVOID Genetically Modified (GM) foods which indirectly cause infertility.
  • AVOID consuming foods consist of synthetic hormones

However, right diet is the vital source of higher antioxidants which makes the sperm and egg healthier.

  • Consume more ORGANIC FOODS to boost your fertility

Organic foods will higher the level of antioxidant in your body which helps in enhancing fertility level.

Both partners need to control the fertility risk factors in order to contribute significant impact on the ability of pregnancy. In case, you are suffering from infertility, it is suggested to visit renowned IVF clinic where you will receive proper guidance of improving your fertility level.